We get to see Harper more than most of the other puppies because Dave goes on convenient business trips and lets us have her for days at a time. But I haven’t seen her in weeks, and during that time she obviously began her transformation from strange spaghetti to Cardigan, because she doesn’t look like so much a pool noodle on stilts anymore :).

Dave says: Harper charmed EVERYONE at Sea Point Beach today. She ran up and greeted every person without jumping on them, chased all dogs big and small without barking, played soccer without nipping. Just a wonderful happy friendly funny dog. For me, a very proud evening.

Obviously, Juno needs to take some tips! And I am over the moon with that report. Harper’s, if anything, even more high-drive than Juno (which means that the two of them, when together, act like a giant furry blender, and unfortunately I am not exaggerating. That copy of The Trumpet of the Swan was, erm, not really readable in its post-ingestion state) and she really has believed that all children exist to be first knocked over and then thoroughly washed and then herded back to their parents. Evidently she’s decided that they’re soccer partners instead, which is fantastic news for Dave’s training skills and a good reminder to me that Juno needs to do the same.

Yay for our little heart-headed girl!

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  • Reply kelly August 31, 2010 at 1:53 am

    That looks like a great day at the beach with a great puppy! Harper’s sister Agatha needs some tips on greeting people without jumping on them too. She’s getting better but still needs some work.

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