Shelly and Bonnie Blue

One of the more surreal things about being up at Paula’s house was the sheer number of “big” dogs – I don’t mean size; I mean that on your way to the bathroom you could trip over one Nationals winner and feel yourself in danger of landing on another one. Stand up straight again and a third one licks your ankle. The dog you have to shove over so you can put your feet on the ottoman owns that huge red-white-and-blue rosette over there.

Here’s what was sitting on the chair:

Shelly is Pecan Valley Blue Bomb Shell – she was best in sweeps at the 2009 National and RWB at the 2010 National. I am absolutely unreasonably obsessed with her. Every single one of Paula’s Cardigans is beautiful, so beautiful that you go home and look at what you have and throw yourself across your bed and weep – but Shelly is not only gorgeous but exactly what I love in a Cardigan. Size, proportions, topline, and a hilarious temperament. I invited her into the car to come home with me, but Paula caught me first. Rats.

Bonnie Blue is Friday’s 3/4 sister. She’s fancy. I mean FANCY. Soooo pretty and her color is unreal. Huge black patches on a merle and white background – she has a lot of harlequin in her spotting.

I’m still editing the pictures of the dogs that were under that chair. Like I said – it gets surreal.

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  • Reply Maryk September 28, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    oh, i hope you have more images of those beautiful two!

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  • Reply Trying to learn what the frell I am doing-Ruffly Speaking : Ruffly Speaking February 27, 2011 at 8:46 am

    […] This is the way I edited them at that point. […]

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