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December 2010


Puppy Heaven

On Saturday Sarah Davis (Wolfwood) and Linda Fowler (Kingscourt) came up to let me play with their six-week-old puppies. Have I mentioned that I love puppies? And miss puppies? And can’t believe mine are almost a year old and don’t have skunk breath anymore? I weep.

Anyway, most of the playing was done inside because it was hideously cold and damp outside, but right before they left I made Sarah and Linda put them on the ground for five minutes so I could get pictures. We had just about that long before everyone was shivering and had to get back into warm blankets and go home, so the pictures are basically of puppies running around like hooligans, but oh, what lovely puppies they are.

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Monday Monday

We just fogged the entire house for mold, because this is getting ridiculous. I am really sorry I haven’t been posting – I’m just wiped out. I write them in my head and then fall over.

However, all is not bad.

He’s not mine – stop that! – but I did get to play with him all day Saturday. More pics of him and his brother and sisters when I come out of my allergic coma.