Sweetie Pi

This is why Sterling gets to call me “her artist.” This ad will be in the Working and Herding Dog Digest coming out, and features (squee!) my photos of Pi in a very simple ad I put together. I am really weak at graphic design so this was the result of endless cups of coffee and saying very bad words at pixel borders. It would have taken an actual artist about twelve minutes to put together and then say to the client “This is the kind of work we DON’T do – now let me show you this spread we did for the whippet; see how her name is encrusted with diamonds?” but the fact that it exists is a source of no little happiness. Pi is such a good boy and I had so much fun taking those pictures. And mucho thanks to Sterling for being such an encouragement and for pretending to not notice when I ate fifty-seven licorices at Leslie’s house.

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  • Reply K.B. January 29, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Cool! And since I’m totally clueless about the world of show dogs, is this a “stud” ad or something similar (no offence intended!)?
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    • Reply rufflyspeaking January 29, 2011 at 7:04 pm

      Hi! And no, it’s not really a stud ad. Those tend to be in the breed-specific magazines and are worded differently (they’ll say things like “Pi is proven and available to approved ladies of quality” and they’ll feature a pedigree. Stud dog ads are always a little funny because you’re not supposed to really solicit girls but, of course, you’re soliciting girls. So they tend to have a tone of “I just happened to be walking by, whistling innocently, and a flattering picture and pedigree accidentally fell out of my pocket in front of you.”

      An all-breed ad like this one serves a few purposes – it’s a brag, which Pi certainly deserves; it gets his name and picture in front of the community (ads are extremely valuable to researching what dogs do or did look like, when you’re thinking about building a pedigree or breeding to a relative); and we hope it gives him a tiny bit of buzz that may help when he’s out looking for his last major. It’s a bit like an Academy Award “For your consideration…” ad – the judges go on merit, but it doesn’t hurt to have a judge think “Oh, that’s the dog I saw the ad for” and maybe linger for another second or two on the dog.

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