The Stuff about the Thing

If you are a Cardigan person, you are almost certainly talking about Something that happened at Nationals this year. I thought for a long while about whether I should even blog about it, but I didn’t want people to think that silence meant I was hunky-dory with it.

But here’s the thing. What happened is not something that you need me to explain to you, or something that you need to be taught about, or something where anything I say is going to change your mind. It is an issue that people either immediately thought was Wrong or people didn’t care about. So my hashing it out here won’t make anybody feel any better or have any chance of changing the situation for the good, which are my basic criteria for anything I post.

So I am just here to say that I think what happened was wrong. My conviction of its wrongness has nothing to do with who was involved; I would think it was wrong if it had happened between the Pope and David Frei. It would be wrong if it was my dog. It would be wrong if it was my precious heart-of-all-hearts dog and I had only hours to live and Olympic Gold and the future of American pride was on the line and a John Williams score was playing. It was the situation and the decision that was wrong, not the names on the nametags.

Anyway, I am putting my little flag in the hill of “wrong,” and I am sorry it happened, and I am even sorrier for those who were personally hurt by it and didn’t just feel the sting of the principal involved. And that’s all I want to say, and I apologize to the non-Cardigan people for leaving you in the dark but I think saying much more about it can only hurt people. I hope we all have a fantastic weekend and that everyone’s journey home from the Nationals, or from your house to the beach, or from your porch to the coffee shop, or from your recliner to the TV remote, is safe and happy.

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