Squeak – squeak – squeaky squeak!

Bramble is in the whelping box, squeaking one of Godric’s stuffed hats with all his might. We’ve got one of the big boxes set up now, after moving everything in our bedroom around to make a space. We’ll let the pregnant girls get used to it and then make a decision on the other one once we find out how they get along after whelping. Fitting another one in here means sleeping crushed up against a filing cabinet, but anything for puppies, right? If the moms decide they don’t want to see each other we’ll put the other one in the living room.

Clue is at my feet, stretched out on her belly, which is spreading gracefully to either side. Today she thought about going upstairs, got up two steps, and said “Oh, heck with this” and came back down again. Such is the power of the belly – I remember exactly how she feels. We made her c-section appointment today; August 23 (62 days from the breeding) with an option to do it the 22nd if her temp drops.

Juno is sleeping on the bed with Doug. She thought about coming over here too, but Clue showed the tiniest edge of one tooth and Juno figured the bed was a better idea. If anything, she’s even bigger than Clue – but she’s younger and can still make the jump. If I’m right, she’s due the 22nd on the dot, 61 days from the day when Shade said was the best day, but it could be plus or minus one from that.

I’m practicing taking deep breaths. Three and a half weeks to go.

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  • Reply Susan Whelan Temple July 29, 2011 at 8:44 am

    When are you going to get another camera? At least take some crappy phone camera shots of them. I miss your photos….

  • Reply sterling July 30, 2011 at 10:14 am

    You are sooo much more organized than me!! I set up my box on Sat and the puppies were born on Tuesday!!
    You could use your wading pool for the second crew-people seem to love them but a round shape doesn’t fit in my bedroom. I have used the same box for 30 years-4 sides with a rail. No bottom. I put a whelping rug from the place where I got the oral calcium, put papers on top then bedding. Leslie Frank gave me a great double sided sheepskin pad from fuzzy wumpets. It is not on their website but they have ’em if you call. It is called a whelping pad and it is great. It is just stiff enough to not bunch up but soft. It is double sided so I can flip it over once before washing. It has a layer of something in the middle which may make it resistant to leaking through. Leslie cut hers in half and sewed up the edge and that is how I know there is a middle layer. I may order myself a second one!! My puppies are all thriving.

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