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The war room

This is what it looked like last night in the middle of things – ah, the glamour of breeding dogs. Forty bloody towels tossed everywhere and green placental blood from end to end.

They’ve all got new clean blankets now (well, actually, they’ve just had their third change of blankets, believe it or not) and things are quieter. So far the moms have no problem being next to each other, but of course we’re not leaving them alone to experiment! Eventually those big boxes will be divided into sleeping and litter areas, but right not the moms seem to enjoy having the space to get up and away. It seems to make them feel safer about turning over – they stand up, walk way over to the other end, shake off, have a drink, and walk back to their babies again and lie down on their other sides. And I can sit in the box and stretch my legs out! This is now the, ummm, maybe sixth whelping box version I have tried and it may be my favorite so far. Plus, next year they can be raised planter beds for the kids’ vegetable garden :).



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  • Reply Ashley August 22, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    Whew! What a set up. That is going to be so much work, but you will do beautifully as it seems your girls are taking it in stride as they go into ‘mama mode.’ =] Good luck to all of you. We can’t wait to watch as the next few months pass and prove you have the patience of a saint. ;-]

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