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Beautiful beach sunset unfortunately not included!

This guy makes us laugh every day. He’s built like a little tank, round and short-legged, and he chugs along at a steady little trot with determination in his eyes.

He adores people and would like to be with you all day. He’s low-key and brave, and will explore far and wide looking for things to play with.

When you call him he comes running as fast as he can, and will take a flying leap into your lap to kiss you all over.

Quince’s dating profile:

Size: Likely smaller for a boy, but heavy round bone and fat feet mean he won’t be light. Beautiful face, with a correct shorter foreface. Ears look they’re going to be round and big.

Coat: Something of a mystery. He has the softer, silky (gorgeous!) coat of a fluff without any of the length. He may fluff out as a mature dog or may stay short and soft.

Show? Nope – he has the little quirk in his tail. It’s straightening out by the week and I am pretty sure the bend is going to end up being invisible, but he’ll be ineligible for the ring.

Performance? His personality says he’d LOVE obedience, herding, rally, and tons of other stuff. He’s quite low-stationed and may not be built perfectly for a serious agility career; it’ll depend on how big he ends up. He doesn’t have excessive turnout and his front is sound and balanced with his rear.

Breeding? No; he’ll be sold on limited registration. I do not require neuter but you will not be allowed to use him to make puppies.

He’s going to be a dog that people stop you on the street to get a better look at. His color, markings, bone, face, and coat make an incredibly adorable baby and will make a striking and gorgeous adult.

Quince will be in the Albany, NY, area for the next few weeks being socialized; if you’d like to meet him there let me know.


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  • Reply Maggie October 22, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    I love Quince!! Oh how I wish I could have him. It sounds like he has similar personality as Kipling (who is currently lying across my belly and snoring).

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