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October 2011


Seven weeks: Moth!

We knew we didn’t get good pics of all the babies on Sunday, so on Monday we headed out to get the rest. Honour would like you to know that it was not cold – she was wearing her snowsuit because she and Tabi were playing astronauts.

(On a side note, age 12 is one of those amazing in-between ages where they can go from 5 to 20 and back again in the blink of an eye; I wish I could still do that! Playing astronaut sounds pretty good to me right now.)

The above one is what I am convinced is Moth’s signature look. Every photo shoot since four weeks has her head down and slightly to the side and she’s looking up at me through her lashes. 



Seven weeks: Sebastian!

Poor Sebastian was SO sleepy when I got him for his pictures that he sort of just gazed around with a startled expression on his face.

This is SUCH a cool puppy. He is super steady, super smart, and knows how to tell a very subtle joke. He’s also the one who won’t be contained; he can find his way out of any box or x-pen that I have them in, and will work for minutes on end to find a crack he can wiggle out of. When he finally finds it, all he does is come trotting over to wherever I am and sit with me. I am legitimately envious of whoever gets this puppy :).





Seven weeks: Bridgid

Yes, I DO like to use my feet. What tipped you off?

(Joanna sez: Headed to the darkroom for a couple of hours – more puppy posts when I get back!)








Seven weeks: Quince!


I wish I had cute stories to go with each of these, but I’m still pretty bummed about Sunny and anyway they were mainly “Cute puppy! Watch out for the hawk!” all day. So just repeat that to yourself with each picture and you’ll be fine :).




Sunny is winging home

Sunny, my parents’ sweet Rottie, was diagnosed with bone cancer a few weeks ago. As usually happens, she was so happy and pain-free that it seems it can’t possibly be that bad – until it is. The last few days she’s made it clear that she needs to go home.

My parents are taking her up to her favorite place on earth, their summer home in Maine, to say goodbye and so she can be buried on family land.

I couldn’t sleep all last night because I was worried about getting there in time and getting decent pictures before they left.

When I got there it worked beautifully. Sunny needs to lie down a lot, but her sweet nature and love for my mom is unchanged. As we were leaving, my parents had finished packing and opened the door of the truck for her. She came trotting over and jumped into the passenger seat with all the old joy and excitement at taking a long car trip. The last thing I saw was her little tail wiggling with the thrill of being on her way.

Fly fast and well, sweetheart. We love you.



Seven weeks: Oberon!

I know I’m supposed to put a story with each puppy, but honestly when we take pictures of Oberon it’s all just “Holy cow, he looks SO GOOD.” And it’s pretty hard to resist that ear.