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The Enormous Puppy Roundup Post

Quince landed safely in California on Monday night, so my six months of puppy bliss has come to a close and you deserve a giant roundup post so you know where they all went.

Clue’s Eight:

Felix: Now Dante. In the Southeast, destined for a life as a super agility dog. Already herding and doing fantastic.

Iggy: Now CJ. In Minnesota and going to be a show dog and beloved pet of one of my favorite families on earth. He’s already been put on sheep and shows a ton of talent too.

Bosco: Now Van. In a loving local home with his very own young man.

Sebastian: Now Tucker. Lives near Boston but gets to visit snow country on a regular basis – and I get to see him too, which is a MAJOR bonus!

Bernard: Now Zen. Sarah’s stud fee puppy. He’s showing great promise as a show puppy, already out and about at the UKC shows and doing great.

Bridgid: Became Sofie and went out to the Northwest to be a service dog puppy in a big warm family that I’ve known for years. Having the time of her life playing with a Ridgeback and soon-to-be-five kids.

Hedwig: Became Corra; in a great local home that takes amazing pictures and blesses me with them often. I cannot get enough :).

Zeno: Stayed Zeno – the man, the myth, the legend! In a fantastic local home where they love him to distraction.

Juno’s Six:

Oberon: Sarah’s stud fee puppy, though she’s lovely enough to let me co-own him. He’s hopefully going to be a show puppy and he’s quite the stunner. Fiercely attached to Sarah; it’s really very touching. He may be service dog material as well. Hanging out with me for a few weeks to learn some survival skills in the chaos and kid mountain.

Titania: Now Minnie. In a wonderful local family home.

Moth: Stayed Moth. Lives with her aunt Harper, and we get to see her often.

Peaseblossom: Became Irie. Co-owned with us because she was the bitch pick of the entire group; lives with Julie and is going to be an amazing performance puppy and maybe a show baby as well.

Puck: Stayed Puck, living in California and destined for an amazing life as a service dog.

Quince: Became Quincey, living in California where he can hang out on the beach and eat at the dog restaurant. I asked his owners if they’d like to buy me instead, especially as the temperature dropped.

So that’s it – I am feeling SO SO thrilled with the homes that came to me for these babies. I felt like each puppy went into the place that was just right for THEM, and from what I’ve heard the owners think the same thing. I am especially proud of the puppies who were evaluated so well and went into service homes and performance homes; those are the achievements that make my heart glow.

Now that I’m sleeping through the night every night and not cleaning up pee every morning, I have to admit I’m looking to the future and how much I love puppies. We’re already planning the next steps, especially as we have some bitches that are getting toward the age where we need to fish or cut bait breeding-wise. Watch this space, but I hope to have some announcements for 2012 over the next few weeks. Then you can make fun of me when I complain that I never get any rest and that all our food money goes to evaporated milk and minced lamb :).

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  • Reply priscilla December 15, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Just curious Joanna, what makes a good prospect for a therapy dog anyway ..?
    Im seriously considering My Frankie for one but i wont know if hes actually got the right temperament till i go talk to the Delta people in Jan.. Ive taken him through the CGC classes and hes passed.. He will be a yr this month.

  • Reply Laura (Kit) Azevedo December 16, 2011 at 11:52 am

    I think it is so awesome that some of your pups went on to service dog work. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and enjoy seeing your puppies. I really wish that I could find a breeder as conscientious as you in regards to early socialization and screening. I’ve been searching for a prospective service dog pup for a while now and I have found a three year old collie that I’m working with. He’s doing really well so far, but I’ve already started searching for a breeder because I know that in three years or so I’m going to want to start a new puppy. I never want to be in this position again where my current dog can’t work and my potential dog is requiring a lot of extra training due to poor early socialization.

    I love corgis, but I really wish they were a LOT taller, lol. I need a dog that is at least 26 inches tall, corgis fall well short of that :-D. Unfortunately in the herding dog world that combo of gung-ho, velcro clowns doesn’t seem to come in a particularly tall package.
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