Papers, papers, papers

After one of the most snag-riddled and ridiculously complicated registration processes EVER, the Juno puppies’ papers are here and I have been PROMISED that Clue’s are on their way. This has been like operating under a mysterious computer curse, seriously – everything was totally fine and filled out normally and actually very simple, but AKC found every possible reason not to just process the dang things. When I’d call them they’d say “Oh, yes, I do see that that’s fine. All right, I’ll get those going for you,” and then three days later I’d get a letter saying “We’re sorry, your registration could not be processed because you have too many owners on the dam,” and then I’d call them again and they’d say “Oh, yes, I do see that you have a lease on that bitch. All right, I’ll get that going for you,” and then three days later…

Anyway, the six Juno babies’ registration applications are in my hot little hands, Sarah came up and signed them, and I have a stack of envelopes waiting for addresses. So those of you who have one of the Fairies will get your papers (hopefully) the beginning of next week. If you don’t receive them by next Friday please let me know.

The Clue babies’ papers will still need Sarah’s signature once they get here, but we get together every few weeks so the delay shouldn’t be too bad.

I am not filling out the name fields because I have given you permission to abbreviate our kennel names, so I didn’t want to fill in “Blacksheep Wolfwood” when you had in mind contracting it to Blkshp Wlfwd or similar in order to get your puppy’s name in the proper number of letters. Please do not forget the kennel names when you fill them out! We all understand that it happens, but I always have to smile when I see in a list of litter registrations the lofty siblings Ch. Kennelname Terribly Handsome and Ch. Kennelname Wonderfully Fabulous and Ch. Kennelname Pretty Lovely Lady and their brother, George Pees on Trees.  George is probably the most loved pet in all the land, but he’d be even better with the kennel name he deserves.

Thank you for your patience as we wrestled with AKC’s ancient computers about this, and have a very happy December Solstice-adjacent celebration of your choice.

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  • Reply Julie E December 15, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I may really have to name a puppy “George Pees on Trees”, and it will be totally your fault.

  • Reply Ruth December 15, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    If it makes you feel better its not just you, my pup’s breeder had similer issues getting her last litter registered. We picked him up at 10 weeks, and he was almost 4 months before we finally got his paperwork.

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