Underpromise and overdeliver

One of the maxims that has been beaten into my brain in all the “How to Start a Small Business That Doesn’t Drag You into the Poorhouse, You Idiot” materials I’ve been reading is to underpromise and overdeliver.

So… while I didn’t promise we were going to have puppies this spring, well…

Dem babies is on the way.

Now let the questions begin!

Puppies, you saucy minx! Why didn’t you tell us earlier?

Because I didn’t think there had been a successful breeding until maybe ten days ago, then I thought I’d announce it after I moved the blog, then the blog got all twisted up in knots of horribleness and this is the first opportunity I’ve had. Oops! I really didn’t mean to keep it a secret.

That’s Daisy Poppy, right?

Yes, sure is!

Who’s the daddy?


Shade? Feeling lazy much, are we?


In this case, though, NO. This was a very careful decision based on the fact that he’s extremely reliably fixing the issues she needs fixed, he has exactly the pedigree I wanted to bring in, and I am over the moon about the babies he had with Juno (and Clue too, but I am not going to take credit for that one because Clue bred herself and I didn’t choose him for her). They are showing so much talent, and are so confident and happy, that I would use him a hundred times if I could.

By the way, Shade just picked up back-to-back majors, and will have his CHIC number as soon as all the paperwork gets processed. A successful black dog, CHIC, DM N/N, extreme layback, producing outstanding rears and bone and crazy good temperament? I count myself lucky every single day that I’ve had access to him.

Oh, and before anybody gets all winky-winky, Shade isn’t free to me and I would never expect him to be. One of the reasons that Sarah and I get along so well is that we work really hard to not take advantage of each other, and that means in money concerns as well. So there. Now I will never say that again because it hurts my feelings to get caught up in the mean-to-each-other breeder rumor thing, but it needed to be said once.

So are you going to use him a hundred times?

No – I am getting ready to announce our fall breeding(s?) and he’s not on the roster. I’ll miss him, though – he is the most caring and loving stud dog I’ve ever seen at work and he makes his ladies feel like queens. Since the men of the fall will be arriving in white boxes, we’ll all miss the romance!

OK, back to puppies! When are they due?

February 17, as near as I can figure.

How many are you thinking?

Wow, I have not the slightest. This was a roller-coaster of a breeding. I saw no signs that she was pregnant until she was well past the four-week mark. At five weeks I thought I could feel something when palpating, but she wasn’t showing even a tiny bit. I guessed either one or no puppies, and planned on an x-ray to confirm. Then at six weeks she EXPLODED. I have never seen anything like it. She went to bed her normal self and woke up huge. She’s now at seven weeks and looking like a normal seven-week pregnant bitch with a decent litter in there. They’re moving very strongly already. So heck if I know. More than one, which is a relief, but beyond that it would be nothing but a guess.

What are you hoping for in this litter?

As always, personality and talent come first. Daisy Poppy is the personification of sweetness. She is SO gentle, and so kind, but still herdy and assertive. There’s a reason she and Clue get along so beautifully. She has no arguments with any dog or any human, ever, and is super bonded to people. Where the other dogs are happy to bolt out the door in the morning for an hour of running, she trots out, does her business, and then is back at the door asking to come in. She’ll watch the craziness from her perch on our bed, where she’s always smashed against Doug or me or one of the kids.

Conformation wise she has an outstanding upper arm, beautiful neck and perfect topline, low croup, wonderful wonderful front. She needs rear angles and bone, and to have leg taken off.

She’s a fluff, but her coat is lovely. Non-matting, non-tangling, not appreciably longer than a “glamour coat” on her body. She’s got very impressive pants and belly hair, but what you see above is the real deal – I’ve never trimmed a centimeter off her. To the hand she feels like a not-very-coaty Golden Retriever – slick topcoat that immediately furls back into position when you brush it backward, dense undercoat, lovely to touch. It’s not cottony or open.

Shade, we hope, will give her those angles and short round bone and will increase her drive and concentration. We’re doubling on gorgeous toplines, lovely deep fronts, good long necks and set-back front assemblies. We WILL get fluffs (yay!) but they should be workmanlike coats.

How’s Daisy Poppy doing?

GREAT. She’s such a non-vibey dog; she hasn’t had any of the oh-poor-me-I’m-so-miserable feelings that I am used to with my emotional girls. She’s eating fantastically, she’s holding on to a great weight, and she’s giving me no worries (I realized after I took these pictures that it looks like you can see her hip bones, but that’s actually just a poof of hair – in real life she’s as sleek as a seal).

So there you go – we’re SUPER excited and think this is going to be a really nice litter. We’ll keep you updated as things get closer!

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  • Reply Laura February 7, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    Puppies!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Again! I wish you all the best of luck with the new litter and I will be watching and waiting and hoping I get to come see and play with them when the are here!

  • Reply Ruth February 7, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Damn, don’t think I can talk husband into a 3rd puppy…..

    (and because I know you were interested, pictures of my Singer pup are here: http://scaryyankeechick.blogspot.com/2012/02/arty.html )

  • Reply Amanda Rains February 7, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    *deep breath*


    DO NOT LET ME SOCIALIZE ONE. Or I will not be able to say no and chaos will ensue!

    But still…puuuuupppiieeessss!!!

  • Reply Julie February 7, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    PLEASE invite me to the puppy party! I love Daisy Poppy and I love my Irie.

  • Reply Bri February 7, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Just in case you need it – I would totally be happy to socialize for you again! Very excited for these puppies.

  • Reply Sarah February 7, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    If she has Westminister puppies you will have tins of names to choose from. 🙂

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