Daisy Poppy Puppy Update almost 96 hours

I deliberately didn’t tube today to see if weights could move on their own. They did, and in the right direction, but only by half an ounce or so and tummies on the four little puppies are not as chubby as they should be. So through the night and tomorrow we’re back to regular supplementing. I’ll try it again on Tuesday.

Puppies are starting to show preferences and acting grumpy when they don’t get what they want, which is a great sign.

Not a lot else to report; Daisy P is still insisting on her syringe drinks but is eating better every meal.

This is by far the most intensively I’ve had to help a mom and litter, and it can be discouraging. I just want them to hit their stride and take off; I am craving those first two-ounce weight gains and puppies motoring around gleefully. And now I will stop writing before I get maudlin! Thankfully they are all growing and holding their own.

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