Almost five weeks: Bianca!

Soft, sweet, feminine, fluffy, and one blue eye – it’s like a perfect storm of fabulousness. She knows it, too. She’s got to be one of the girliest puppies I’ve ever raised, but she’ll walk right through the bigger boys without a second glance – she’s a bit of a steel magnolia for sure. She’s on her way to one of my favorite owners of all time and she is going to have SO MUCH FUN.


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  • Reply andrea b. March 21, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    I dearly love black and white dogs, so we might have to jump to Cardigans for our next corgi. I’d love to know more about Cardigan fluffs. Our Pem fluff has soft plushy fur, are some cardigan fluffs like that? or do they have a rougher texture?

    PS — your vocabulary is to be commended!

    • Reply rufflyspeaking March 21, 2012 at 7:24 pm

      There are a couple of flavors of Cardigan fluff; it’s different enough that a lot of breeders distinguish between a dog who is “coated” and a dog who is “fluffy.” I use fluffy because that’s what everyone expects, but I see why they do it. Daisy Poppy has a coat that is honestly most like a Golden Retriever. She doesn’t have a very thick undercoat and she’s silky and shiny and warm on top. She’ll grow very long pants and belly hair but not very much on the body. Her coat will fall in loose waves on those long bits. Irie, Juno’s fluffy daughter, and Quincey, her fluffy son, have a thicker coat with more undercoat, and it’s not wavy. However, like Daisy Poppy it is silky and shiny and a definite double coat. The VERY few Cardigans that are legitimately “fluffy” have a matte, cottony coat that is what we call open – it doesn’t hang together and form a weatherproof shell over the body. It’s piecey and lets water get to the skin. It can also mat up and collect snow. Thankfully that sort of really incorrect coat shows up only very rarely; in all the dogs I’ve met and seen pictures of I’ve only ever seen a couple that I thought “Huh, that does not look like I’d want it in my house.” Most coaty Cardigans just have a very enviable fancy look to them and are about the same to deal with in terms of care and grooming and ability to work.

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