Almost five weeks: Harold

Harold is first on our list for today – my sweet puzzle-piece boy.

He’s a considerate, serious, handsome puppy. He’s very nicely built for performance, with a lovely front and rear and a moderate amount of substance, but he’s not a puppy who forgives himself easily. You say no to him once and he not only stops, he goes under a table to think about things for a while. He doesn’t get nervous or apologetic about it – but you can tell he thinks it’s a big deal.

This makes him extraordinarily well-behaved for such a little guy. We’re pretty sure we know where he’s going, where there’s an older dog he will need to be very polite to, and it’ll be a perfect match. His personality is a new experience in Cardigans for me, because most of my babies live on the ragged edge of chaos and I’m always trying to get them to settle. He’s a lot more like my Dane puppies were, very tuned in to what people are thinking and trying always to adapt to what you want. I suspect he’ll be like his mother, who is a dear love.

Meanwhile he is a huge snuggler, loves laps, loves staring deep into your eyes and thinking serious thoughts.


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