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December 2016

Selling puppies

As a show breeder, can I refuse to sell puppies to homes that I don’t feel comfortable with because they have behavior or belief differences? Can I legally avoid selling to LGBTQ, Muslim, recent immigrants, etc.?


Many of you know that we are strong and committed evangelical Christians in this house. We’re very definitely not afraid of speaking out about issues that might be controversial or “not politically correct.” And we believe that the top priority for all breeders must be to ensure that each puppy goes to a home that is, above all, safe, predictable and consistent, supportive, and loving. We also think that it’s very important for owners to be compatible with us as breeders, so they will seek out our advice as the puppy grows and they need us to support them. So, having said that,


No, you colossally bigoted piece of caliginous junk. 



And if you try, I hope you get sued so hard you NEVER BREED AGAIN, you enormous used kleenex.

Peace out.