Can you BELIEVE Iggy went off to a show home? In Minnesota??!! And is now named CJ and lives with Great Danes? DOUBLEYOU TEE FRELL HAPPENED? I lost my twin brother, and nobody took me!

Joanna always stinks at taking good pictures of me, which she says is just bad luck but I say is DISCRIMINATION. So I’m going to do my OWN profile.



Show? PUH-LEASE. Finish me if you want, but I’m not all that interested. I mostly just want to snuggle. I am the champion snuggler of the entire group of fourteen puppies. Take THAT, CJ!  I am SUPER pretty, with lots of bone and a handsome face and gorgeous markings, but I don’t have a long snakey body like some people I could mention.

Performance? If you can get me to stop snuggling long enough, fine with me. I’m not what they call “drivey,” but I am happy to do anything you want me to. I prefer to think of myself as “adaptable.”

Breeding? No, thank you. I’m looking for someone to complete me, but not in THAT way. Ewwww. I just want to live with you and be awesome.

Need something to seal the deal? Well, let’s just say I know how to appreciate comfort and an ample bottom.

Did you find me yet? The other puppies were all wandering around squeaking and looking for shoes to carry (REALLY, Puck, you are RIDICULOUS), or striking totally gratuitous poses, so I settled down to sleep on top of Joanna. Later, Bridgid selfishly knocked me off my perch, so I moved and curled up right between Joanna’s shoulder blades and snored. Joanna had to lie on her stomach for FIFTEEN MINUTES while everyone laughed at her.

And that is why I win. If you’ve got a snuggle to spare, I’ll let you win too.