Aggie! She is doing GREAT, the first puppy to do absolutely everything and gaining like gangbusters, but is still wee and soft and little. Rarely gets put down; we just tote her around and snuzzle her all day.

Trudy, who declined to take any upright pictures in focus.

The gorgeous Harper.

Harper again, because she's tasty.

Daphne, with one lone freckle.

She also has a lovely belly spot, the better to detect whether she is being properly cared for by lying only on 500-count sheets and eating bonbons.

Kipling, who is proud to display the big smear of hamburger up his leg.

Dashiell, whose white has remained very wide and very deep.

Poe, with his tan points.


Ellery. Sigh. He makes me all squidgy.

Emme. You may be able to tell by the fact that Honour needs both hands to hold her that this is a big dose of puppy.

Emme in her perpetual pose. As you can see, these are tense, nervous puppies.


That's it for today – we will try to get standing pics tomorrow.