Lots of dog-related news for once!

1) Bronte is getting spayed today, and they are going to try to fix her inexplicably persistent prolapse at the same time. Every vet reference says it should have gone back on its own long before now, which is what we were waiting for so we could spay safely. Well, it's not going back, and so now they're going to try to replace it and purse-string it and hope that the complete removal of hormones will make it shrink back to normal and not come back out again. If they cannot replace it, we do the spay anyway and we hope the withdrawal of hormones makes it possible to address it later. Poor thing. Please spare a thought or a prayer for her tomorrow that we can finally get this bad thing taken care of and make her comfortable again.

2) Kipling is leaving on Monday. Don't make me talk about it. I just start making bad faces and noises like a french horn and it's a bad scene. 

3) Friday's first shows (well, her first shows with me on the other end of the lead looking stupid instead of Kate looking good) are June 18/19/20. Entry breakdowns were just released and, after two years of zero Cardigans the whole weekend, there's a point Saturday and Sunday and a special entered on Friday. I don't expect her to be competitive in Breed on Friday but there's always hope! Guess I'd better get going on her my lead and stacking skills.

I will update once Bronte's out of surgery. Hopefully with good news.