This last weekend, Sarah packed up the Magnum-Eva puppies, threw Gus in the car, and drove up to where I bundled Milo in – and then we drove up to heaven.

Sterling, my great friend and Dane breeder (the one who bred Lucy, my most beloved of all Danes), has a litter of Dane puppies who were almost six weeks old. Her own mother has a litter of Ridgeback puppies who were just a week older. Sterling’s mom lives on 40 acres on the top of a mountain with Ridgebacks and a whippet (that’s Kipling the whippet, after whom I named Kipling the Cardigan, who now lives a glamorous life in Europe, so it’s a good-luck name for sure). And all those things are just about the perfect recipe for the best puppy party ever.

We contributed five Cardigans who were the same age as all the others, and who were pretty happy being dumped in with a ton of dogs and fifteen or twenty people who were happy to snuzzle them.

And then there were the Ridgebacks. OH MY HEAVENLY RHUBARB PIE. They are AWESOME.

It was a long and wonderful day, with the end result of twelve Ridgeback puppies, nine Danes, and five Cardigans all sleeping in a huge pile in the sun. I’ll be trickling out pictures as I edit them, but the above is pretty much the story – such a happy day.