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January 2011


Sweetie Pi

This is why Sterling gets to call me “her artist.” This ad will be in the Working and Herding Dog Digest coming out, and features (squee!) my photos of Pi in a very simple ad I put together. I am really weak at graphic design so this was the result of endless cups of coffee and saying very bad words at pixel borders. It would have taken an actual artist about twelve minutes to put together and then say to the client “This is the kind of work we DON’T do – now let me show you this spread we did for the whippet; see how her name is encrusted with diamonds?” but the fact that it exists is a source of no little happiness. Pi is such a good boy and I had so much fun taking those pictures. And mucho thanks to Sterling for being such an encouragement and for pretending to not notice when I ate fifty-seven licorices at Leslie’s house.

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Snow tally: One Clue, 1.2 Junos

The weather service announced last night, just hours in advance of the storm, that southern NH would get a scant two to four inches. Since we already had two feet on the ground, this was greeted with relief.

What I woke up to, just before dawn, had rudely sidestepped four inches, brushed past six, and slammed eight inches into a bank of lockers. This is our front fence, which is four feet high with posts at five.

Clue demonstrates the new depth from the bottom of their hastily constructed corgi tunnels that allowed the pack to get out to their lookout points, from which they vainly searched the white landscape and barked, but could not be seen.

Juno dug her way into the warren of tunnels by going under the porch swing. She’s standing a good foot off the ground on packed snow, with the new banks all around her.

I didn’t get a picture of Friday – she was running around in overwhelming joy, plowing through giant piles and surfacing only to woof at me. Nutcase. I went back in for more tea.

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Need to remember

Two feet of snow on the ground, with more expected for the next three days. The coldest week of the year. The Little Pellet Stove That Could is tootling along, but not reaching the corners; kids are under Little House on the Prairie-sized piles of quilts and I keep encouraging more dogs to sit on me. Nobody’s been able to do more than run to the mailbox and back inside, then stamp their feet and blow on their hands and say “Wow” a couple of times. I’m cooking a 20-lb turkey at eleven at night to justify keeping the oven on in the kitchen.

Remembering hot sun, green grass, and apples right off the tree.

Mystery puppies

Updates from Agatha and Harper

Here’s Agatha’s story at 1 year:

“Agatha is quite an Austin dog, enjoying the mix of urbanity and outdoorsiness that the city has to offer. She loves greeting the dozens of deer she comes across when we go on runs through the neighborhood or the hundreds of dogs and people we come across when we go on runs at town lake.

As the runt of the litter, Agatha is still a very small, lithe Cardi. This gives her the ability to wrap around us in chairs or squirm into our laps on the sofa. She’s a goofy, funny, affectionate dog who loves her two girls (my daughters) dearly.

She particularly enjoys it when I take her to elementary school pickup time where she gets mobbed by adoring children. This is heaven to her but not so much to the poor teachers that are trying to make things run smoothly.”

This is Harper at – believe it or not – the beach. Yep, Maine got a lot of snow this week!

Dave was good enough to send the picture and the PRICELESS bit of information that she’s AT LAST cracked 25 pounds, which means finishing school and the show ring are finally within sight. I can add the additional story, since Harper gets to stay with us a lot. Harper is one of those puppies that are on the fast track toward Good Dog. She’s happy and sensible and FAR less destructive than she has any right to be; I think after an initial burst of evil wherein she ate two Apple power supplies she figured she’d better just can it and get her love from people and not electricity. She could definitely teach my dogs a thing or two in that area! When we have her on visits she is quickly the favorite bed dog. We LOVE this puppy, and love how happy she is with Dave.

Mystery puppies

What a difference a year makes!

A very, very happy birthday to Clue’s marvelous nine!

Some are beloved pets, some are or will be show dogs, and ALL are living with some of my very favorite owners of all time, which is the biggest source of joy for me.

Speaking of which, remember this gorgeous boy?

Kipling, we adore and miss you! A HUGE happy birthday from your mom and everyone who loves you.

Hey, all you other puppy owners – now not so much puppies anymore! – if you send me one-year-old pics and a little story I know there are about a thousand readers who want birthday updates. Feed the mania!