Joanna Kimball

The Cardigans: Clue - Hoover - Fanny - Cider - Cash

The rescues: Bramble

The Tibetan Spaniels: Zola - Trudeau - Athena (Teeny)

The service dogs: Oswin (poodle) and Glitterbomb (Afghan)

The kids: Meriwether – Honour – Tabitha – Zuzu

I started this blog because we dog people tend to live in a small and rarified world. We talk in shorthand and we refer to concepts and events that very few other people on earth either understand or are aware of. We forget that once upon a time we didn’t know a tailset from a tail-end, and that it can be really hard to get good information when you’re just starting out. If I can open the door for anyone, and help them be better dog owners – not because I am personally anything special, but because I live in that world and can help demystify some things – then I’m happy. Along the way I blather a lot about my own dogs. My kids make guest appearances.

I never have enough money, enough time, or a low enough body-fat percentage. But we are very happy and we love each other a lot, and there’s lots of dog hair on the couches and toddler and dog-nose prints on the windows. That’s enough joy for just about anybody.

You know I love you. Yes, yes, indeedy I do...