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Bronte, redux

This is Bronte leaving for her new home a year ago. You’re going to see the same view pretty soon, moving in the opposite direction.

She’s been very, very well loved. Unfortunately, due to serious illness in her retirement family she is coming back to us.

I am nervous about putting her back in the “available” column because I cannot stand dogs being shuffled around like silverware. I am inclined to keep her forever but I am not sure that’s for my peace of mind or hers – in my house she’s the bottom of the pack and, while the others are far too polite to pick on her, she tends to get really quiet and a little sad. As an only dog she is happy all the time. But let me say this – if she does leave, it will be only to a perfect place where there’s no question of permanence. I won’t see her moved around again.

If you’re interested, she’s now four and is probably the best dog who ever lived. Behavior-wise she is flawless and faultless, quiet, lovely, affectionate, LOVES training, loves food, kisses a lot. Very silly, knows how to tell a joke. There’s pretty much nothing bad I can say about her except that she doesn’t thrive in a big group situation.

She can be placed from her current home near Buffalo for the next couple of weeks. After that she’ll be here in New Hampshire. I will try to help with transportation if needed. She’s spayed already, healthy, practically perfect in every way.

I almost deleted this post about five times, because I really, really don’t feel good about her moving around a lot. She doesn’t deserve it. I guess I want you to read this as 90% of a “Yay, we love Bronte and she’s coming home!” and 10% of “If you’ve adored her for the last four years and wished she was available for a retirement home, contact me and be prepared for a LONG interview.”