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The Enormous Puppy Roundup Post

Quince landed safely in California on Monday night, so my six months of puppy bliss has come to a close and you deserve a giant roundup post so you know where they all went.

Clue’s Eight:

Felix: Now Dante. In the Southeast, destined for a life as a super agility dog. Already herding and doing fantastic.

Iggy: Now CJ. In Minnesota and going to be a show dog and beloved pet of one of my favorite families on earth. He’s already been put on sheep and shows a ton of talent too.

Bosco: Now Van. In a loving local home with his very own young man.

Sebastian: Now Tucker. Lives near Boston but gets to visit snow country on a regular basis – and I get to see him too, which is a MAJOR bonus!

Bernard: Now Zen. Sarah’s stud fee puppy. He’s showing great promise as a show puppy, already out and about at the UKC shows and doing great.

Bridgid: Became Sofie and went out to the Northwest to be a service dog puppy in a big warm family that I’ve known for years. Having the time of her life playing with a Ridgeback and soon-to-be-five kids.

Hedwig: Became Corra; in a great local home that takes amazing pictures and blesses me with them often. I cannot get enough :).

Zeno: Stayed Zeno – the man, the myth, the legend! In a fantastic local home where they love him to distraction.

Juno’s Six:

Oberon: Sarah’s stud fee puppy, though she’s lovely enough to let me co-own him. He’s hopefully going to be a show puppy and he’s quite the stunner. Fiercely attached to Sarah; it’s really very touching. He may be service dog material as well. Hanging out with me for a few weeks to learn some survival skills in the chaos and kid mountain.

Titania: Now Minnie. In a wonderful local family home.

Moth: Stayed Moth. Lives with her aunt Harper, and we get to see her often.

Peaseblossom: Became Irie. Co-owned with us because she was the bitch pick of the entire group; lives with Julie and is going to be an amazing performance puppy and maybe a show baby as well.

Puck: Stayed Puck, living in California and destined for an amazing life as a service dog.

Quince: Became Quincey, living in California where he can hang out on the beach and eat at the dog restaurant. I asked his owners if they’d like to buy me instead, especially as the temperature dropped.

So that’s it – I am feeling SO SO thrilled with the homes that came to me for these babies. I felt like each puppy went into the place that was just right for THEM, and from what I’ve heard the owners think the same thing. I am especially proud of the puppies who were evaluated so well and went into service homes and performance homes; those are the achievements that make my heart glow.

Now that I’m sleeping through the night every night and not cleaning up pee every morning, I have to admit I’m looking to the future and how much I love puppies. We’re already planning the next steps, especially as we have some bitches that are getting toward the age where we need to fish or cut bait breeding-wise. Watch this space, but I hope to have some announcements for 2012 over the next few weeks. Then you can make fun of me when I complain that I never get any rest and that all our food money goes to evaporated milk and minced lamb :).


Sebastian, my dear heart, is now warming others’.

I had the whole story all written out with hilarity and drama, but I chucked it all. There are certain puppies that I can’t be flippant about. Clue’s last son, the shining light of her last litter, is now in a wonderful – WONDERFUL – new home. They adore him, he adores them, I’ll get to see him often. I didn’t “need” him; I have access to a rather large bunch of puppies should they eventually meet the needs of our breeding program. He had some faults that meant he probably wouldn’t be the top choice for breeding anyway. But man, I WANTED to keep this puppy.

Doug and I made a decision a long time ago that puppies must never displace older dogs. So when we’re at our personal adult-dog limit or close to it, we don’t give ourselves the luxury of keeping babies. That is absolutely my least favorite and – I think – most important rule as I’ve bred dogs.

So, Sebastian, thank you for leaving so I never have to worry that I’m not taking good enough care of your mom or your aunties. Thank you for moving so effortlessly into your new place. Thank you for being one of the last to leave, so I had a few more weeks of you sleeping on my feet and playing with the cat and looking at me with those peaceful eyes. We love the dickens out of you, and that’s the truth.

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Guess who?

It’s Corra!

If you see her face markings you may recognize her as Hedwig, Clue’s baby girl.

I am super lucky that Corra’s owner is a talented photographer and even MORE lucky that this is an owner who REALLY fought for this puppy.

Right after Corra came home, her owner was diagnosed with severe allergies. We were of course ready to take her back with open arms, but her owner wouldn’t take no for an answer. She and her doctor figured out how to get her well and now things are great.

And she has the most joyful baby girl in the world, so we’re happy too :).


Available if you can pry him from my grip: Sebastian!

If you were at the puppy party last weekend, you will know that we had a BIG FIGHT about Sebastian. He came up on the eval table after Oberon and Bernard/Zen, and so the criticism was that he was too slight to be a show puppy.

I thought then, and I still do now (and hopefully these pictures support that) that he shouldn’t have gone up after two puppies built like hum-vees. On his own he is not a heavy-boned puppy but he’s never going to look slight. He has a beautiful, classic Cardigan head, probably a little longer than the heads on Quince and Puck but also more soft and cushioned without being lippy.

Honour was playing around, joking that she was stacking him like a beagle – trust me that I know Cardis’ tails don’t go up! I just wanted to post this because it shows his lovely crook and front. He’s got extreme angles front and rear, lovely layback, good blending. Always stops square and stacks himself up, always trots.

However, the most important thing about this puppy is that he is people-oriented to the extreme. He is DYING to go be a double- or triple- or quadruple-ring puppy. He’s agile, athletic, a problem-solver, a dancer and thinker. Sebastian’s dating profile:

Size: He’s very long in body, up on a little more leg, definitely more extreme in type and angles than the other puppies. He won’t be tall but I would guess he’s going to be in the mid-30s as an adult when he matures.

Coat: Very hard, crisp, straight flat coat with very little moldability. Very dark pigment. He’s got a ton of white and a small white body splash, but is not excessive enough to make any judge look askance.

Performance? A must. Where Puck is drivey and hilarious, hates to be told no and loves to tell a joke, and Quince and Bosco are adaptable people-pleasers, Sebastian is a problem-solver and his ultimate reward is social interaction. This is a puppy who will spend ten minutes fighting to open a tiny space in an x-pen, walk along the top of the box like a cat to fight through it, push his way through another gate and over a laundry basket, and all to come in my room and watch TV with me. “He cannot be denied,” is what we always say about him.

Show? Absolutely, if you wanted to. Just as a reminder, though, I prefer to not sell show prospects unless you at least intend to keep them throughout their lives. I understand that things happen and sometimes placed dogs are happier, but I’m going to go on the record and say that in this breed there are far too many adolescent dogs being ground through and rejected. Please don’t come to me looking for a show prospect if your first thought is “Well, if he doesn’t turn out I’ll just place him.” Come to me if you want a family dog who can also be shown. Let me know if you want formal stacked pictures of him.

Breeding? We’d have to see what he ends up doing with himself; my concern would be whether he’s going to be deep enough. He’s definitely got the type to be an asset to a breeding program but I would want to look at him in a couple of years.

One more thing – I placed a puppy very much like him a couple of years ago, a puppy we really loved but decided to put as a pet rather than expecting a show home, and never heard from his family again. Please don’t do that to me with this puppy. I don’t want to be pushy and I really do believe that if I sell you a puppy it is YOUR puppy. If you want to go disappear into a quonset hut on the Siberian tundra and never talk to me ever again, that is your right. But it makes me sad, and it especially makes me sad when I am so attached to the mind and heart of a puppy. So I would sure love to keep in touch with you if you take him.


Available: Bosco!

Can you BELIEVE Iggy went off to a show home? In Minnesota??!! And is now named CJ and lives with Great Danes? DOUBLEYOU TEE FRELL HAPPENED? I lost my twin brother, and nobody took me!

Joanna always stinks at taking good pictures of me, which she says is just bad luck but I say is DISCRIMINATION. So I’m going to do my OWN profile.



Show? PUH-LEASE. Finish me if you want, but I’m not all that interested. I mostly just want to snuggle. I am the champion snuggler of the entire group of fourteen puppies. Take THAT, CJ!  I am SUPER pretty, with lots of bone and a handsome face and gorgeous markings, but I don’t have a long snakey body like some people I could mention.

Performance? If you can get me to stop snuggling long enough, fine with me. I’m not what they call “drivey,” but I am happy to do anything you want me to. I prefer to think of myself as “adaptable.”

Breeding? No, thank you. I’m looking for someone to complete me, but not in THAT way. Ewwww. I just want to live with you and be awesome.

Need something to seal the deal? Well, let’s just say I know how to appreciate comfort and an ample bottom.

Did you find me yet? The other puppies were all wandering around squeaking and looking for shoes to carry (REALLY, Puck, you are RIDICULOUS), or striking totally gratuitous poses, so I settled down to sleep on top of Joanna. Later, Bridgid selfishly knocked me off my perch, so I moved and curled up right between Joanna’s shoulder blades and snored. Joanna had to lie on her stomach for FIFTEEN MINUTES while everyone laughed at her.

And that is why I win. If you’ve got a snuggle to spare, I’ll let you win too.



Seven weeks: The twins! (Iggy and Bosco)


Seriously, these two are so similar that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from their faces and fronts. I look at them every single day and I still get mixed up in the photos. One has a blaze that’s a few hairs thicker; one has a collar that’s a tiny bit wider. I can pick them out in the box without even thinking about it, but in pictures, especially if they have their heads turned, I’m lost. They have almost identical body types and heads, too. I think this set has four of one puppy and five of the other, but beats me, honestly.


Seven weeks: Sebastian!

Poor Sebastian was SO sleepy when I got him for his pictures that he sort of just gazed around with a startled expression on his face.

This is SUCH a cool puppy. He is super steady, super smart, and knows how to tell a very subtle joke. He’s also the one who won’t be contained; he can find his way out of any box or x-pen that I have them in, and will work for minutes on end to find a crack he can wiggle out of. When he finally finds it, all he does is come trotting over to wherever I am and sit with me. I am legitimately envious of whoever gets this puppy :).





Seven weeks: Bridgid

Yes, I DO like to use my feet. What tipped you off?

(Joanna sez: Headed to the darkroom for a couple of hours – more puppy posts when I get back!)