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Daisy Poppy

Daisy Poppy, General

Likes long walks on the beach and meowing noises

We had a really great day today, for reasons I will explain later, but before I do that I need to introduce you to someone.

This is the oldest-newest member of our Cardigan clan; she came to us from the Midwest. I have loved her for years, and when I saw that she was available I moved heaven and earth and Doug’s ever-tolerant heart to get her here.

Her fancy name is Merrymoon Pluperfect Panache, but at home she’s Daisy Poppy. She came to us with the name Daisy; to avoid confusion with friend and neighbor dogs (there’s kind of an epidemic of dogs named Daisy here) we decided on Poppy. So we started calling her Daisy Poppy, with the intention of switching to the new name, and of course it stuck there and refuses to move. We also call her Daisy Poppy Honey Boo, Daisilina Poppington, and about a hundred other names, because she is the sweetest thing on earth.

She’s brindle, a fluff (FIST BUMP!), and four years old. We hope she may contribute her many wonderful qualities to the Cardigan gene pool, but honestly that was the last thing on my mind when I asked for her. She just spoke to me in her pictures and personality, and we can’t imagine our couch without her now.

She adores Doug and she is a special favorite of his, and she’s best buds with Clue. That is a great blessing, because as Clue has reached middle age I have missed having Bronte’s quiet companionship for her. Daisy Poppy is a perfect fit for that job. I just walked by them a few minutes ago and they’re curled up around each other on the couch next to the fire, paws twitching gently as they dream.

As an added bonus, she appears to like Honour making meowing noises behind me almost as much as Meriwether does.