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The Enormous Puppy Roundup Post

Quince landed safely in California on Monday night, so my six months of puppy bliss has come to a close and you deserve a giant roundup post so you know where they all went.

Clue’s Eight:

Felix: Now Dante. In the Southeast, destined for a life as a super agility dog. Already herding and doing fantastic.

Iggy: Now CJ. In Minnesota and going to be a show dog and beloved pet of one of my favorite families on earth. He’s already been put on sheep and shows a ton of talent too.

Bosco: Now Van. In a loving local home with his very own young man.

Sebastian: Now Tucker. Lives near Boston but gets to visit snow country on a regular basis – and I get to see him too, which is a MAJOR bonus!

Bernard: Now Zen. Sarah’s stud fee puppy. He’s showing great promise as a show puppy, already out and about at the UKC shows and doing great.

Bridgid: Became Sofie and went out to the Northwest to be a service dog puppy in a big warm family that I’ve known for years. Having the time of her life playing with a Ridgeback and soon-to-be-five kids.

Hedwig: Became Corra; in a great local home that takes amazing pictures and blesses me with them often. I cannot get enough :).

Zeno: Stayed Zeno – the man, the myth, the legend! In a fantastic local home where they love him to distraction.

Juno’s Six:

Oberon: Sarah’s stud fee puppy, though she’s lovely enough to let me co-own him. He’s hopefully going to be a show puppy and he’s quite the stunner. Fiercely attached to Sarah; it’s really very touching. He may be service dog material as well. Hanging out with me for a few weeks to learn some survival skills in the chaos and kid mountain.

Titania: Now Minnie. In a wonderful local family home.

Moth: Stayed Moth. Lives with her aunt Harper, and we get to see her often.

Peaseblossom: Became Irie. Co-owned with us because she was the bitch pick of the entire group; lives with Julie and is going to be an amazing performance puppy and maybe a show baby as well.

Puck: Stayed Puck, living in California and destined for an amazing life as a service dog.

Quince: Became Quincey, living in California where he can hang out on the beach and eat at the dog restaurant. I asked his owners if they’d like to buy me instead, especially as the temperature dropped.

So that’s it – I am feeling SO SO thrilled with the homes that came to me for these babies. I felt like each puppy went into the place that was just right for THEM, and from what I’ve heard the owners think the same thing. I am especially proud of the puppies who were evaluated so well and went into service homes and performance homes; those are the achievements that make my heart glow.

Now that I’m sleeping through the night every night and not cleaning up pee every morning, I have to admit I’m looking to the future and how much I love puppies. We’re already planning the next steps, especially as we have some bitches that are getting toward the age where we need to fish or cut bait breeding-wise. Watch this space, but I hope to have some announcements for 2012 over the next few weeks. Then you can make fun of me when I complain that I never get any rest and that all our food money goes to evaporated milk and minced lamb :).


Available: Puck!

This is a VERY special puppy. He’s absolutely a star. He’s balanced, confident, always has something in his mouth, and is sure he can do anything.

He’s quickly losing all his face white and I don’t think there’s going to be any left by the time he’s an adult. With his mask and dense brindle he’s going to look like he’s got a completely black head.

Aside from his unique markings he’s very square and moderate everywhere. He’s super cool-looking but structurally he’s got no extremes. He is the kind of dog that will go forever.

Puck’s dating profile:

Size: Average, with moderate bone. That doesn’t mean moderate-as-in-a-code-word-for-light-or-weak. It means he’s built correctly and right in the middle. The bone is nice and round but it’s not heavy.

Coat: Short and plush. He’ll have a lot of undercoat and thickness as an adult. No curls. Dense black pigment.

Show? Why waste him on the ring, seriously. He’d never be an embarrassment in the ring; he’s got no disqualifying or even serious faults. But you’d be fighting to finish a dog with those markings and this size, and he’d so much rather be out pushing stock around.

Performance? YES. IN CAPITAL LETTERS. He’s moderate enough to do agility but he could do anything. He’s the kind of puppy I’d fight to put in a thinking home; SAR or similar. I’d give you a huge discount for that kind of placement. Farm dog? Absolutely.

Breeding? No, he’d come on limited registration, though he does not need to be neutered. He’s the kind of “failure” I am fighting to produce – lacking the extremes of type that would make him a breeding prospect but with a fantastic mind and a sound body built for work.

Puck is looking for a temporary puppy-socializer home even if you aren’t looking for a forever puppy. I would love to have him in his real home so they can start training now, but I for sure don’t want him sitting around not being exposed to stuff. If you’re reasonably local and would like to cuddle him for a few weeks, let me know.



Available: Quince

Beautiful beach sunset unfortunately not included!

This guy makes us laugh every day. He’s built like a little tank, round and short-legged, and he chugs along at a steady little trot with determination in his eyes.

He adores people and would like to be with you all day. He’s low-key and brave, and will explore far and wide looking for things to play with.

When you call him he comes running as fast as he can, and will take a flying leap into your lap to kiss you all over.

Quince’s dating profile:

Size: Likely smaller for a boy, but heavy round bone and fat feet mean he won’t be light. Beautiful face, with a correct shorter foreface. Ears look they’re going to be round and big.

Coat: Something of a mystery. He has the softer, silky (gorgeous!) coat of a fluff without any of the length. He may fluff out as a mature dog or may stay short and soft.

Show? Nope – he has the little quirk in his tail. It’s straightening out by the week and I am pretty sure the bend is going to end up being invisible, but he’ll be ineligible for the ring.

Performance? His personality says he’d LOVE obedience, herding, rally, and tons of other stuff. He’s quite low-stationed and may not be built perfectly for a serious agility career; it’ll depend on how big he ends up. He doesn’t have excessive turnout and his front is sound and balanced with his rear.

Breeding? No; he’ll be sold on limited registration. I do not require neuter but you will not be allowed to use him to make puppies.

He’s going to be a dog that people stop you on the street to get a better look at. His color, markings, bone, face, and coat make an incredibly adorable baby and will make a striking and gorgeous adult.

Quince will be in the Albany, NY, area for the next few weeks being socialized; if you’d like to meet him there let me know.



Seven weeks: Titania!


She’s the first one to get an ear partially up, and it’s actually sticking that way. The others have ears that levitate for a second or two after they get up from a nap, but then fall almost instantly. Good for you, little girl!





Seven weeks: Moth!

We knew we didn’t get good pics of all the babies on Sunday, so on Monday we headed out to get the rest. Honour would like you to know that it was not cold – she was wearing her snowsuit because she and Tabi were playing astronauts.

(On a side note, age 12 is one of those amazing in-between ages where they can go from 5 to 20 and back again in the blink of an eye; I wish I could still do that! Playing astronaut sounds pretty good to me right now.)

The above one is what I am convinced is Moth’s signature look. Every photo shoot since four weeks has her head down and slightly to the side and she’s looking up at me through her lashes. 



Seven weeks: Quince!


I wish I had cute stories to go with each of these, but I’m still pretty bummed about Sunny and anyway they were mainly “Cute puppy! Watch out for the hawk!” all day. So just repeat that to yourself with each picture and you’ll be fine :).




Seven weeks: Oberon!

I know I’m supposed to put a story with each puppy, but honestly when we take pictures of Oberon it’s all just “Holy cow, he looks SO GOOD.” And it’s pretty hard to resist that ear.





Seven weeks – Puck!


Hey, mister, there’s something in your…Huh?

Yeah, sort of in the corner, there, of, ah…


No, more like on the other side, do you, ummm…?


Oh, never mind.




clue, Juno

Six weeks – everybody else

We tried to get six-week shots in the three-point-seven seconds when it was not pouring rain on Monday and it kind of failed spectacularly. Puppies were wired and grumpy, my camera was misbehaving again because I tried to get fancy and do them the right way instead of setting it on auto, I was experimenting with props (which I never do, and for good reason, because I suck at it) and I was racing to get to class and frustrated. Quince pulled it out and looked amazing, but the rest vary between sleepy and INSANE. So here’s your picture dump for the week; I will (I promise cross my heart) do better next week.


Six weeks – Quince

Let me tell you a little about myself.

The day I was born they called me “Purpley,” because I was a little slow to get going and the skin around my nose was purple for a little while. Every time Joanna or Sarah checked on me they’d rub me really hard and scrub my face with a towel to make me scream a lot.

Finally I decided I would rather stick around, and found my mom and settled down for a good feed.  And we all fell asleep – me and my brothers and sisters and sister-aunts and brother-uncles. Even Sarah fell asleep.

Only Joanna was sitting in my box with us, stroking us very gently as we slept, and running her fingers down our fat little tails. And then she noticed something.

I know, it startled me too!

My tail was bent in a little V, just like my tongue is here. Right where it had been pressed up against my leg before I was born, it had grown and squished itself in the wrong way.

Anyway, there I was, with a wonky tail and an inauspicious beginning. And I am afraid I took advantage of that a little. When my brothers and sisters were running around growling, I’d just cry to be picked up. When they got brave and climbed over things, I sat down and sniffled. Everyone said I was the baby, and they said something about being a pet and probably not a working prospect.

And that made me MAD.

So mad, in fact, that I decided to grow up this week. I grew a whole bunch of hair and made my feet get fat and pretty and began running around and pouncing on everybody and now I am making everyone cry because I am not just looking like a working prospect, I am looking like I could be SHOWN.

And THIS is what I think about THAT. Thank goodness for my magic weapon of a bent tail, because now I get to be beautiful and brave and silly and funny and NOT have to go be shown!

They’re saying something about my balls now, though – they’d better be talking about playing fetch or I’m going to have to use The Tail on them again!