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Mystery puppies

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Call-out for a global Clue/Juno puppy update!

Corra (who was Hedwig)’s mom asked for a big roundup update on the previous puppies, and I think it’s about that time!

I know many of you have sent me updates personally, but I always hate to post your stuff without permission. So if you would like the big crowd of people who adored them as puppies to see how your baby (or grown dog) is doing, please leave it in the comments!

I’ll start off with Corra – isn’t she gorgeous?

And here’s Irie (Peaseblossom):

So how is your big girl or boy doing? Everyone’s dying to know 🙂

Mystery puppies

And many happy returns of the day!


Two years ago they were Agatha, Emme, Trudy, Harper, Daphne, Dashiell, Poe, Kipling, and Ellery, and they had just been born. We tucked them in to a box beside the stove and spent all night staring at them in wonder.

Now they are show dogs, farm dogs, world travelers, beloved pets–and still pretty dang wonderful. Happy birthday Agatha, Emma, Juno, Harper, Daphne, Magnum, Hunter, Kipling, and Buzzy! We love you all.

Mystery puppies

You know this nose

Gorgeous photos of the spottily delicious Kipling (Clue’s only black son) and his utterly enviable life (he gatecrashed the Leaning Tower of Pisa!) are on Maggie’s blog. I know she’d also appreciate your thoughts as he gets over a very nasty bladder infection. Kipling, we think you’re the bees knees, and miss you constantly.

Mystery puppies

Updates from Agatha and Harper

Here’s Agatha’s story at 1 year:

“Agatha is quite an Austin dog, enjoying the mix of urbanity and outdoorsiness that the city has to offer. She loves greeting the dozens of deer she comes across when we go on runs through the neighborhood or the hundreds of dogs and people we come across when we go on runs at town lake.

As the runt of the litter, Agatha is still a very small, lithe Cardi. This gives her the ability to wrap around us in chairs or squirm into our laps on the sofa. She’s a goofy, funny, affectionate dog who loves her two girls (my daughters) dearly.

She particularly enjoys it when I take her to elementary school pickup time where she gets mobbed by adoring children. This is heaven to her but not so much to the poor teachers that are trying to make things run smoothly.”

This is Harper at – believe it or not – the beach. Yep, Maine got a lot of snow this week!

Dave was good enough to send the picture and the PRICELESS bit of information that she’s AT LAST cracked 25 pounds, which means finishing school and the show ring are finally within sight. I can add the additional story, since Harper gets to stay with us a lot. Harper is one of those puppies that are on the fast track toward Good Dog. She’s happy and sensible and FAR less destructive than she has any right to be; I think after an initial burst of evil wherein she ate two Apple power supplies she figured she’d better just can it and get her love from people and not electricity. She could definitely teach my dogs a thing or two in that area! When we have her on visits she is quickly the favorite bed dog. We LOVE this puppy, and love how happy she is with Dave.

Mystery puppies

What a difference a year makes!

A very, very happy birthday to Clue’s marvelous nine!

Some are beloved pets, some are or will be show dogs, and ALL are living with some of my very favorite owners of all time, which is the biggest source of joy for me.

Speaking of which, remember this gorgeous boy?

Kipling, we adore and miss you! A HUGE happy birthday from your mom and everyone who loves you.

Hey, all you other puppy owners – now not so much puppies anymore! – if you send me one-year-old pics and a little story I know there are about a thousand readers who want birthday updates. Feed the mania!

Mystery puppies

Harper learns about kittehs

Sorry for the hideous photo quality – camera phone was the only one I had on hand.

Harper has been here for a week, and just went home a few minutes ago. In my list of things to do this week, beside the entries for “answer all my e-mails” and “respond to Facebook messages,” was “go have photo shoot with Harper.” However, if you haven’t noticed because all my blog posts have been like seven words long, this week has been pretty craptastic and I’m honestly just glad to be at the end of it. Harper, however, is always a bright spot.

She went home the way she always does – skinny and exhausted. The former is because she is not used to having to competition – we feed the dogs separately, but there’s no way she can do what she would like, which is snack on her supper and come back for more – and because she runs 20 hours a day with my pack of hooligans. The latter is because of the running and also because of THE KITTEHS.

The kittens have tag-teamed to make her life a hell this week; she wishes to chew on them and they desire not to be chewed on. However, they desire in the following way – by rubbing all over her and then leaping over the baby gate and laughing at her from the other side. When she falls asleep on the couch they both jump up and start licking her, and when she moves they swat her ears and bite her eyes. Poor Harper ends up having a fit at the end of the sofa, impotently chewing on the blanket and howling while they gaze calmly at her and lick their lips.

After ten days, I sent back a puppy who eats at the speed of lightning (sorry, Dave; she’ll pretty much take your arm off at this point) and who has been completely beaten into submission by evil kittens. In this photo Percy had shoved her leg over and was fast asleep after sucking on her paw for a while; she didn’t dare to move, but kept darting desperate glances at me.

And then gave up, accepted her completely pwned life, and fell asleep.

Mystery puppies


Magnum (Clue’s baby) was up at Paula’s, which allowed me to take a few million pictures of him. He is a free-stacking FOOL, holy heck. I just love this boy – love his temperament and personality and he totally pushes my buttons in terms of conformation. The fact that he screams with excitement and spends an hour washing my face every time he sees me doesn’t hurt either.

Mystery puppies


Awwww, look how wonderful he is. We still miss him every day, but we’re so happy that he’s with such fabulous owners. Who don’t mind a little soap and dog hair :).