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puppy mills

Facebook ads for puppies and kennels

I’m seeing a rather discouraging trend lately – lots of facebook sidebar ads for puppy mills and for-profit breeders.

As much as I’d love for facebook ads to have the same commenting feature as the rest of facebook (because wow, a few choice words would be nice), the best way to get rid of these advertisers is the one you probably aren’t doing.


Facebook ads from small businesses (like breeders) are usually billed per-click. The person who placed the ad has allocated a certain amount of money per day to facebook. Each click from a real person costs them between fifty cents and two dollars. Once the number of clicks on the ad reaches the maximum per-day limit set by the advertiser, facebook pulls the ad for the day.

So if you faithfully click on those bad ads, you’re actually taking a dollar from the bad breeder every single time. The advertiser is going to get many fewer legitimate views and the advertising will have a lower return on their investment – hopefully low enough that he or she will stop advertising on facebook entirely.

So close your eyes, back-button really fast, but click-click-click!